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A VERY Brief History of Men’s Corsets.

Hello, friends, and welcome to another ‘episode’ of Fashion History That You Weren’t Taught in School. I’m so glad you’ve returned! In this series we explore the weird and wonderful trends of fashion history that everyone just pretends never happened. Like Regency Court Dress, the Drum Hoop Skirt and other some such styles that most…

Disfiguring and Grotesque: A brief look at Regency court dress

When you consider regency fashion, I think that we probably all think about the same thing. Jane Austin, empire waistlines, and elegant, slim line gowns. The Regency period has a reputation for the developing of the arts, for sophistication and elegance. One only needs to glance at the truly superb costuming of the 2020 reproduction…

The Best Christmas Gifts… if you’re a Victorian!

Greetings reader! It’s the 23rd December, which means that it’s panic shopping day for most disorganised people (unless you’re in Tier 4, if you’re in Tier 4 you’re already screwed, sorry about that). But if you are one of those lucky people who aren’t yet labouring under the new restrictions – do I sound bitter?…

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